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New Orleans Aquarium

New Orleans Aquarium

My wife and I were going to be in this area for business anyway, so while there, we decided to visit the New Orleans Aquarium. There were plenty of things to do in the region but we chose these facilities for a number of reasons. We were looking forward to getting this opportunity because we had never been to the aquarium before. We found some New Orleans Aquarium coupons online, which is normally the best site for such things. These discounts helped us to reduce our expenses even though the facilities would have been well worth the full price.

The opening hours of the New Orleans Aquarium were between 10 am and 5 pm. We wanted to get there fairly early to take in as much as possible before we had to leave town to go to the next business region. We were quite excited about the prospect of seeing these animals. There were a number of main exhibits at the facilities. We were able to view the huge sharks in the tank. These creatures are quite the sight, swimming around so smoothly. The sharks were in the Gulf of Mexico exhibit as were the rays. These animals are really neat to see as well. They glide seamlessly through the water. This exhibit was probably the highlight for myself. There were a lot of sea turtles there throughout the facilities. Some of them were a part of the exhibit while others were as a part of the sea rescue program.

The Caribbean Reef exhibit was my wife’s favorite. She loved seeing all of the colors of the fish. It was really beautiful to see them but I am more of a shark and ray type of person. There were lots of other things to see aside from these exhibits and there were all very interesting. We really enjoyed our time at the facilities. We were tempted to go into the gift shop at the beginning of our trip but were able to delay it until the end. It’s possibly one of the nicest gift shops that I have ever been in.

We would both recommend that you visit the Louisiana Aquarium when you have a chance. These facilities are only a part of what is actually on the site so you can make a full day of the adventure. If you want to see something really different, check out the Amazon exhibit. There are incredibly unique creatures in this area. That being said, each gallery has its amazing creatures. If you want to have a meal, there is a café included in the facilities. The meals are fairly simple in most cases but they are nice. If you want to, you can have a game of golf on the premises. It is easy to make a full holiday out of what is there in the area. You can have a great time with friends, family or otherwise. Of course, check out the gift shop as well. You might as well have something to take home to remind you of the adventure.